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photo by Ben Zurbriggen / dance performance 48"
photo by Ben Zurbriggen / dance performance 48"

"Elenita Queiroz has a strong artistic intuition besides her profound technic and knowledge in dance. It is a pleasure to work with her, she has got such good energy, rich fantasy and of  course a strong will to catch the goal."     

 (Regine Fritschi )  


"I met Elenita in 2017 as she participated in a course I conducted for MA students of the HKB. She is a person of experience and openness to ideas. Her physical capability, intellectual curiosity, and chameleon-like artistic voice interested me immediately. She is a pleasure inside group dynamics and communicates herself honestly with humility and humor."          (Ted Stoffer)  


"I was in your class (ENERGY) only for a short time but it just felt like coming home. Everytime I think of it I start smiling. It's just great."