photo by Kay Appenzeller
photo by Kay Appenzeller

I am a full-time wife and mother, as well as a choreographer, contemporary dance performer, dance educator and cultural manager. Born in Brazil, my education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Dance from the University of Campinas - UNICAMP (Brazil) and a Master's Degree in Theater - Expanded Theater Program from the Hochschule der Künste Bern, HKB (Switzerland).


Recently I was awarded with "Werkbeiträge" 2023 by the Canton of St.Gallen, I received the "Förderpreis für Choreografie" by TanzPlan Ost and the Societé Suisse des Autors, and Associated Artist with TanzPlan Ost 2021/2022. 


I am an enthusiastic dancer who brings the beat and liveliness of my culture deep into my heart, body and soul.  I work mostly on individual author projects and in collaborative processes. And especially when it comes to teaching, my greatest motivation is to spread the joy of dancing in a way that allows people of all ages to connect with their own inner vibrating energy and to see the possibilities that arise and surround each of us.


Living in St. Gallen (Switzerland) since 2016, I believe that we can always do more for art and our society. With this in mind, together with the visual artist, graphic designer and writer Mischa Herzog, I founded the cultural association "Basis 56" in 2017.


Being part of a creative process and the further development of my studies and research in dance allow me to get in touch with different ways of being, of thinking, of seeing, of creating, of flowing and of relating. I'm interested in the merging of expressive languages, in the enchantment, in the hybridism of artistic expressions, in the dialogue with the audience, in the body that breaks into sweat, in the pulse, in what makes the body, art and life so unique. I'm always questioning and reflecting on contemporary issues and themes that touch me in my daily life.


For me, dance is about energy, synergy, flowing and searching. It has to do with dealing with the ordinary vs. extraordinary duality that rules us, happens to us, delights us, surprises us... In the everyday ... and in tapping into the unknown. It is about taking risk s and being part of something that transcends the individual. Dance is more than movement, it is the ability to see, to look, to listen, to love, to suffer, to boil, to be hurt, to make mistakes. It is about experiencing the breeze, the flesh, the light, the storm. It is about being insatiable. It is the place where chaos and beauty coexist.