I am a experienced Brazilian dancer who brings the beat and vivacity of my culture deep inside my heart, body and soul.  As an enthusiastic person, my biggest motivation is to spread the join of dance in a way that people, of any age,  get in touch with their own inner vibrating energy and thus see the beauty that arises and surround each one of us. 

I teach workshops in Contemporary Dance, Creative Dance, and Brazilian Beat.


Beside this, I created a very special dance course designed specially for adults without previous dance experience:

CARE & ENERGY are two different dance courses which offers a new way of thinking, learning and practicing dance specially dedicated to the adult audience that looks for to embrace the balance between body health and state of mind. The courses are designed to offer an expanded experience of dance focused on a careful process that mix several techniques and styles. The structure of the courses is based on the perception of the range of the corporal capacities and its expressive plurality, respecting the singularities of the practitioners and their needs. The goal is to bring back the joy of the movement as an experience of learning and reconnecting with oneself in a dynamic and playful environment.


From Januar 2019 at Studio Pittoreska, Linsebühlstrasse 41, 9000 St. Gallen



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Monday, 19:45 - 21:00


Subtle and careful, Care is especially thought to offer a moment of self-care through bodily movement. The course works especially with body awareness, motor coordination, structural rebalancing techniques, stretching, body’s base strengthening, breathing & flow relation, improvisation exercises and low impact sequences of movement based on circular and spiral flow.


Price (75 min. class) :

CHF 30.- one class

CHF 27.- in the trimester packet

CHF 22.- students


Wednesday, 20:00 - 21:15


Dynamic and powerful, Energy proposes to increase the energy flow of the body through a work focused on the bone structural relation (feet, pelvis, spine and skull) and strengthening of the muscular chaining, motor coordination, improvisation exercises, dynamic sequences of movement based on contemporary dance techniques, folk and African dances, conducted by pushing and pulsating rhythms.


Price (75 min. class) :

CHF 30.- one class

CHF 27.- in the trimester packet

CHF 22.- students

Bewegungswelt - Teenie Tanz



Der speziell für das junge Publikum konzipierte Tanzkurs basiert auf vier Schwerpunkten: Verbesserung der Körperbewegungsfähigkeiten und des Körperbewusstseins: Motorische Koordination, Körperteile (Kopf, Schultern, Hüften, Hände, etc.) und Stützen von Körperteilen in Bezug auf den Boden; Erforschung der Beziehung Körper & Raum: Kinesphäre (Würfel) und, Raumebenen (hoch, mittel und niedrig); Untersuchung des Körperflusses: frei und kontrolliert; Wahrnehmung von Zeit/Rhythmus: schnell, langsam, Impuls, Akzent etc.

Diese Inhalte werden innerhalb eines Unterrichts angewendet, der Folgendes beinhaltet: Aufwärmen, Übungen zur Muskelkräftigung und Skelettrestrukturierung, Phrasen der Bewegung, Spiele, Improvisation, Choreographie, Komposition und Dehnen.


17:00 – 18:00       Teenie Dance im Singsaal der Primarschule in Niederteufen

18:00 – 19:00       Teenie Dance im Singsaal der Primarschule in Niederteufen